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Organization Validation (OV) SSL/TLS Certificates are an excellent choice for organizations to exhibit business authenticity to their customers. OV certificates safeguard the websites of businesses and other registered organizations with robust 256-bit symmetric encryption. Read More

Name of Product

Type of Site Seal

Validation Needs

Warranty Amount

Issuance Time

Amount You Save



ProductComodo Instant SSL

SitesealComodo Instant SSL SitesealDynamic

Validation NeedsDomain +
Basic Business


Issuance1-3 Days

Save₱ 3,993.40

Price₱ 1,287.46/yr.

ProductComodo InstantSSL Pro

SitesealComodo InstantSSL Pro SitesealDynamic

Validation NeedsDomain +
Basic Business


Issuance1-3 Days

Save₱ 5,763.37

Price₱ 1,630.88/yr.

ProductComodo Instant Premium SSL

SitesealComodo Instant Premium SSL SitesealDynamic

Validation NeedsDomain +
Basic Business


Issuance1-3 Days

Save₱ 7,148.71

Price₱ 2,358.95/yr.

ProductGeoTrust True BusinessID

SitesealGeoTrust True BusinessID  SitesealDynamic

Validation NeedsDomain +
Basic Business


Issuance1-3 Days

Save₱ 7,766.75

Price₱ 2,747.42/yr.

ProductThawte SSL Web Server

SitesealThawte SSL Web Server  SitesealDynamic

Validation NeedsDomain +
Basic Business


Issuance1-3 Days

Save₱ 7,122.82

Price₱ 3,391.35/yr.

ProductComodo Elite SSL

SitesealComodo Elite SSL  SitesealDynamic

Validation NeedsDomain +
Basic Business


Issuance1-3 Days

Save₱ 7,056.77

Price₱ 7,684.19/yr.

ProductSymantec™ Secure Site

SitesealSymantec™ Secure Site SitesealDynamic

Validation NeedsDomain +
Basic Business


Issuance1-3 Days

Save₱ 9,276.24

Price₱ 11,804.92/yr.

ProductThawte Wildcard SSL

SitesealThawte Wildcard SSL  SitesealDynamic

Validation NeedsDomain +
Basic Business


Issuance1-3 Days

Save₱ 19,671.13

Price₱ 11,977.03/yr.


SitesealEnterpriseSSL SitesealDynamic

Validation NeedsDomain +
Basic Business


Issuance1-3 Days

Save₱ 6,292.65

Price₱ 12,680.40/yr.

ProductSymantec™ Secure Site Pro

SitesealSymantec™ Secure Site Pro SitesealDynamic

Validation NeedsDomain +
Basic Business


Issuance1-3 Days

Save₱ 23,851.70

Price₱ 28,719.12/yr.

ProductEnterpriseSSL Pro

SitesealEnterpriseSSL Pro SitesealDynamic

Validation NeedsDomain +
Basic Business


Issuance1-3 Days

Save₱ 18,122.41

Price₱ 29,191.34/yr.

Show that you're secure

An OV SSL features a series of unmissable indicators that demonstrate the security of your website and guarantee that the website really belongs to you. For starters, your website URL will read https:// instead of http:// and a padlock icon will be placed beside it in the address bar. These two indicators are globally recognized symbols of security and reputation.


If you're a real business, show it

A distinct advantage that OV SSL holds over the entry-level DV SSL is validation. Along with an OV SSL, you'll receive a dynamic site seal that showcases verified and time-stamped information about your company and the third-party Certification Authority that issued the certificate. Because customers are always on the lookout for these signs before doing any business or giving any information, these indicators are bound to instill trust and confidence in them.

What are the benefits of OV SSL?

An OV SSL certificate would be a great choice if you want:

  • A dynamic site seal from trusted CA
  • Indestructible security with 256-bit encryption
  • Globally recognized trust indicators – HTTPS & Padlock
  • Validated organization name in cert & seal


GeoTrust True BusinessID

Priced as low as ₱ 2,747.42/yr.

GeoTrust True BusinessID covers all the bases when it comes to online security but still comes with an attractive low price. This bundle comes complete with the True Site® seal to give you highly trusted Organization Validated SSL protection, recognition by the most Web browsers and Web servers possible, plus the ultimate in access protection and fraud prevention.

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Thawte SSL Web Server

Priced as low as ₱ 3,391.35/yr.

Enjoy fully authenticated organization validated SSL protection, 40-bit to 256-bit SSL encryption plus get recognized by nearly 99% of Web browsers with a Thawte SSL Web Server Certificate–all for one low price.

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Thawte Wildcard SSL

Priced as low as ₱ 11,977.03/yr.

Lowest price is $439.00/yr. Who wants to hassle with individual SSL Certificates? Get just one Thawte Wildcard SSL Certificate and you can easily protect multiple fully qualified domains that share the same base and second level domain names plus are located on the same server. Get convenience and a great low price.

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Symantec™ Secure Site Pro

Priced as low as ₱ 28,719.12/yr.

Give customers immediate confidence with a Symantec™ Secure Site Pro SSL Certificate. The 128-bit (up to 256-Bit) SSL encryption enables highly secured environment to deliver super strong protection. The $1,500,000 warranty and Symantec™ Secured Seal helps both you and your customers breathe easy. Get affordable organizational validated SSL security.

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Symantec™ Secure Site

Priced as low as ₱ 11,804.92/yr.

Encryption ranging from 40-bit up to 256-bit SSL encryption and the Norton ™ Secured Seal immediately tells visitors your site is safe. With a Symantec Secure Site SSL Certificate your website is recognized by more than 99% of web browsers. Get organization-validated SSL protection plus a $1,500,000 warranty at the industry's lowest prices.

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Comodo Instant SSL

Priced as low as ₱ 1,287.46/yr.

Want to boost conversions and average purchase price? A Comodo instant SSL certificate gives you and your customers the confidence to complete online transactions knowing data and other sensitive information is protected.

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Comodo Instant SSL Pro

Priced as low as ₱ 1,630.88/yr.

Studies show confident customers buy more online. A Comodo Instant SSL Pro Certificate gives your customers the confidence they need to proceed to the checkout knowing their information is secure.

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Comodo Premium SSL

Priced as low as ₱ 2,358.95/yr.

Doing business online is all about trust. With a Comodo Premium SSL Certificate you and your customers can complete transactions knowing your information is securely protected by a highly trusted SSL brand.

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Comodo Elite SSL Certificates

Priced as low as ₱ 7,684.19/yr.

Comodo Elite SSL Certificate is one of the SSL industry best enterprise level SSL security on the web. It has end to end security feature to protect intranets, extranets and web sites. Elite SSL from Comodo comes with the industry standard authentication process for both domain and business before it available on the website to enhance users trust and confidence level over the web. It comes with the 256-bit encryption technology such as 256 bit to avoid third party while transmitting data on the large-scale enterprise level on the internet.

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Comodo Enterprise SSL Certificates

Priced as low as ₱ 12,680.40/yr.

Enterprise companies have a much different set of needs than their smaller counterparts. We’re talking massive networks with thousands of end points, load balancing and traffic inspection. With that in mind, Comodo has designed its Enterprise SSL line to scale to the needs to even the largest companies. The Enterprise SSL certificate provides strong encryption and organization authentication for connections made behind your firewall and between edge devices and your application servers. These certificates come with the Comodo Secure seal and a massive $1.5 million warranty.

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Comodo Enterprise SSL Pro Certificates

Priced as low as ₱ 29,191.34/yr.

The Comodo Enterprise SSL Pro is the premiere enterprise option for securing connections made behind network firewalls and between edge devices & load balancers and their application servers. Organization authentication is critical in all environments, but on non-public facing end points EV would be excessive, that’s where the Comodo Enterprise SSL Pro comes into play, providing strong authentication and robust encryption for connections made within your own network. The Comodo Enterprise SSL Pro can also secure IP addresses, making it one of the few certificates on the market that can.

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Janusz CzeropskiMar. 2019


"Cheapsslsecurity is really flexible product for company starters including long term companies. Cheapsslsecurity offers affordable SSL Certificates. Which are really great product. Myself, I use Wildcard SSL by Comodo over a year with zero issues which is really surprise for so cheap Wildcard SSL. I would recommend this product to anyone."

Raed NeshiewatMar. 2019


"Very fast delivery. Installation was easy with no problems. If you are installing a wildcard SSL certificate on cPanel, you need to specify the actual domain name, don't try to install it on * , you have to install it on each subdomain such as,,..etc. Use the same certificate for each subdomain you install. Good luck!"

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